Buying Guide - Dog Harnesses

Today, the kind of variety to be had in pet clothing, pet accessories, and generally in pet products is staggering! More and more pet owners are also increasingly showing a willingness and enthusiasm for more innovative and fun products for their pets.

Dog harnesses, like many other pet accessories, are now available in a wide range of designs, materials, colors and sizes. Let’s look at some common types of harnesses, and at the different factors you may need to think about before buying a harness for your dog.

A harness is meant to offer a good way to control your dog when out on a walk. There are rear harnesses attached to the rear of the dog, and front harnesses, which either must be fitted around the front legs, or simply around the upper torso of your dog. Most big dogs do not respond well to rearing harnesses, and end up taking their owners for a walk instead of the other way around!

However, front harnesses usually work well for all kinds of dogs, big and small. An important advantage of a harness over a neck collar is that the dog does not get pulled or choked around the neck. You can steer your pet more comfortably and effortlessly with a harness than with a leash around the neck.

Size is the first consideration when choosing a harness. It is important for the harness to fit your dog properly in order to be comfortable. Most good harnesses are adjustable to a certain degree, so you can always work out the best fit once your pet starts using it.

Once you have figured out the size, it is basically a matter of taste and the personality of your dog. A harness is essentially an accessory, so it only makes sense to get one that matches the personality and disposition of your canine friend. Nowadays you can get a huge variety of harnesses in a range of styles, designs, materials and colors.

You can select a sporty harness in a bright color for your playful puppy, or a more understated and elegant harness, perhaps with a lovely trim. Or maybe you can go for a plain one in a trendy yet traditional design, or a dainty pink one with lace detail? The fact is that there is a huge variety available out there, so you can choose the harness that best reflects the true personality of your pooch.

Most good harnesses today are padded for good comfort, and are designed for a snug and comfortable fit, and look out for this when buying. Another factor to consider is the fastening mechanism. Zippers and buttons can be tricky, and Velcro fastening is usually a good option for clothing as well as pet harnesses.