Teaching Your Puppy How to Potty Outside

Bringing home your new puppy can be quite a joyous event. They’re a cute bundle of fluff just full of love and zest for life. You’ll play with them and care for them. In fact, bringing home your new puppy will probably feel a bit like heaven, that is until they piddle on the carpet for the first time. Love and adoration can quickly turn to confusion and frustration if you aren’t sure how to properly train your new puppy to use the bathroom outside, instead of inside on your carpet. It isn’t your puppy’s fault they don’t know how to go outside to use the potty yet, and it’s your job to teach them. If you’re not sure where...

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Bringing Home Your New Puppy!

Whether you’re a veteran at being a puppy parent or you’re getting your very first puppy, it’s always important to know what to expect and what you may need when you bring home your new puppy. A puppy is a fantastic addition to just about any family and can provide much needed companionship and love. It’s important to be ready for this new addition, whether you opt to work with a breeder or bring home fido from the local humane society. This includes a variety of activities, such as puppy proofing your home and making sure you have all the dog merchandise you need in order to provide for your new companion. Remember to take your time to select both...

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