All About the Yorkipoo

What could be better than a poodle? Smart little dogs, they are.
Perhaps the happy Yorkshire terrier comes to mind. A sweet fur baby with a huge heart and non-stop tail nub? It would be hard to decide which puppy to take home with you, right?

Good news. You don't have to decide! There exists, today, an amazing little hybrid dog...the incomparable Yorkipoo!

This pint-sized canine is energetic and friendly. A happy and intelligent dog, the Yorkipoo makes an excellent companion for most any person. He is brave, confident and bold. He is curious and inquisitive, wanting to be involved in ALL family activity. If you have been thinking about adding a puppy (or dog) to your family- sit, stay, and learn a little something about the Yorkipoo.

Why a Hybrid?

The best of both worlds, all wrapped up, with a bow. The Yorkipoo, also known as the Yorkidoodle, is considered a "designer breed", having been born of cross-breeding a purebred toy poodle with a purebred Yorkshire terrier. Some breeders have even begun breeding Yorkipoo to Yorkipoo, resulting in an even more reliably consistent harmony of qualities. The benefit of creating these hybrid breeds is fairly simple. One would hope to see all the best traits of each "parent breed" come through in the offspring. This new breed is not yet eligible for registration with purebred canine clubs (like AKC - American Kennel Club), but it is registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club. With more work from the breeders, this will all change in the future, and you will someday see these cuties recognized as a breed of their own! Pint-Sized Pups Yorkie Poos are excellent pets for apartment living, in that their small stature makes them a shoe-in for confined living quarters. They have a great deal of energy but, because they are small, they can usually run off all their steam while indoors. The average size of a Yorkipoo is 7 - 15 inches high at the shoulders. For this reason, they are usually not classified as a "toy" breed (needing to be less than 12 inches tall). These little guys weigh in at anywhere from 4 to 15 pounds. There really is a vast difference in sizes between individuals, even within a litter. You can usually expect your puppy to mature at about the same size as an adult toy poodle. They eat much less than a larger dog, and this means they poop less, too! Sometimes less really IS more!

What to Expect

This breed exhibits a typically very cheerful and loving nature. A Yorkipoo is very eager to please and can be easily taught tricks. They are said to take to potty training quickly, and they are normally very secure in who they are. As said, before, they enjoy being a part of family functions and put themselves right in the mix, most times. This is, in part, because the timid personality seen in many poodles has been bred out. The addition of the terrier breed's tendency toward tenacity and boldness has really risen to the top. These fun-loving dogs relish the company of their people. They are very loyal, without being clingy or insecure (as some poodles have been known to be). An easygoing fella, the Yorkipoo is far less demanding than many other small breed dogs. They get along well with other animals, and they are great with children (though caution should be used with very small children who can easily harm a tiny dog). They can be a very stubborn breed (thank the terrier group for that, as well) but they are not troublemakers. The desire to please you will usually override the obstinate tendencies. It cannot go without saying, these mighty mites need socialization from a young age if they are to be the confident and well-adjusted little beasties you hope they will be. This is a crucial aspect of rearing ANY puppy... but smaller dogs, in particular, can develop social issues if this is neglected.

Hypoallergenic and Beautiful: A Coat of Many Colors

This is another area in which the hybrid union of Yorkie/poodle shines! Chances are if you have ever heard anything about this breed, before, it was something to do with the hypoallergenic coat. Many people mistakenly believe that these dogs are non-shedding. While this is simply impossible (as all animals shed to some degree), the poodle breed is well known as a "low shed" breed. They produce little to no dander, which is (more often than not) the culprit for allergy attacks. Having the parentage of these nifty dander-free dogs, Yorkipoos have been blessed with the same attribute. 


Theirs is normally a fairly low maintenance coat, but it does require grooming. It can be curly (like the poodle parents) or wavy, even straight. If you plan to keep the dog's hair long, you will need to brush it daily to prevent knots and matting. If this is too much work, you can always elect to have your dog professionally groomed, clipping the longer body hair and trimming around the eyes, ears, and bum. This is only required once every six weeks or so and will produce the cutest little face you have ever seen! Poodles come in a variety of colors and it is possible to see any of these manifest in the Yorkipoo puppies. White, black, apricot, red, silver, gray, cream, tan, chocolate, and brown... it is possible to see any combination of these colors pop up, with multiple colors within a single litter. They are also commonly seen with the hallmark "Yorkie look" which is a black body with tan points.

Little Dog, Big Heart

If you are fortunate, your Yorkipoo will have gained his confidence from his Yorkie heritage.Dog Clothing Online Yorkies are a bold little dog, and (as with most terrier breeds) they don't really have a fearful personality. They are personable, but it is important to keep them from situations in which they may "bite off more than they can chew". One example would be at the dog park. Many dog parks are not the ideal setting for these small dynamos. They aren't intimidated by dogs that tower over them, and their tenacity may land them at the losing end of a (very brief) dogfight. They are not prone to wander, but it is mandatory that you keep your Yorkipoo on a leash and harness at all times, when walking him. This will ensure he stays away from dogs he doesn't know, and it will allow you to rope him in much faster, should a threatening situation arise. NEVER expect that your Yorkipoo will use good judgment when selecting who he stands up to.



Frustratingly, many of the pros of this breed, have a converse side that can only be described as a con. While generally a healthier animal, they are prone to some health concerns/issues. Dental problems, cataracts, and liver shunt (blood flows around the liver but not through it) are actually quite common in these dogs. They can also suffer from luxating patella (slipping knee), hip dysplasia, Legg-Calvé-Perthes Syndrome (the ball-point of the hip joint is affected by a loss of or buildup of bone tissue). All of these ailments would require veterinary intervention, which would come at a price.

Other Considerations

Having terrier in their blood, it is also important to understand that Yorkipoos may exhibit a prey drive around animals smaller than themselves. Additionally, while it is good to have a vigilant watchdog (which your Yorkipoo will certainly be), the affinity for barking can become a nuisance. He seems to relish the sound of his own voice, at times. When left alone, this can become a coping mechanism for the lonely dog. It is noteworthy that these are sensitive little beings. They have a tendency to suffer from separation anxiety and should not be left home, alone, for extended periods of time. The animal may become depressed.

These days, it is important to do your homework before buying or adopting a dog/puppy.  Be sure to do your due diligence as there are plenty of warm and knowledgeable breeders that have nothing to hide and the puppies are usually home-raised and well socialized by the time you get them. It is also quite common to see Yorkipoos in shelters and rescues. As the popularity of this breed grows, it is a heartbreaking inevitability that they will start showing up in these places. While the dogs in these "rescue" type scenarios may have some emotional baggage, they should not be discounted. You will find that the character of these amazing Yorkipoos will almost always bubble to the surface in no time. They want to please, and what better quality in a companion animal?!

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