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Is the Raw Diet Good for Dogs?

As many consumers are becoming more health conscious, pet owners are also including their furbabies in the movement. For many, this means feeding their dogs a raw diet. A raw diet is the controversial trend of feeding dogs primarily raw meat, bones, fruits, and vegetables. In many ways, feeding dogs a raw diet is much healthier than feeding them processed foods but does have its own set of concerns. A raw diet for dogs increases their performance, cushions them from diseases, increases their life expectancy and saves you time and money. Health and performance Feeding your dog a raw diet will help keep your pet’s their teeth clean. Keep in mind, however, while bones do play a part in loosening...

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Preparing Your Dog for Shedding Season This Spring

Spring is upon us which inevitably means dog shedding season! Shedding is the process of releasing the old coat to make room for the newer coat coming in. Despite the fact that there are many products on the market claiming to stop shedding, shedding in dogs is a natural and necessary process.

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Reasons Your Dog Seems Hungry All the Time

It seems no matter how much your dog eats, they are still hungry. This may be the case or may not be. It’s important to find out how much dog food you should be feeding your dog so that you are not underfeeding or overfeeding your pooch.

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