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All You Need to Know About Liver Disease in Dogs

As a dog owner, we want our beloved pets to be both happy and healthy. Part of ensuring that includes knowing when there is a problem with vital organs such as the liver. An unhealthy dog liver can be both painful and ultimately deadly to a dog. Here is some information to educate you on the signs, symptoms, and treatment of liver disease in dogs.

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Basic First Aid Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

Like children, our dogs tend to get hurt every now and again too. The important question to ask yourself is, "Do I know the basic steps to take in the event of an accident?" Many people do not even know that first aid for dogs exists. Having knowledge of simple dog first aid techniques could mean life or death for your best friend given the circumstances. Having a pet first aid kit and basic dog first aid knowledge is essential for every dog owner.

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May Is...Pet Cancer Awareness Month

With May being Pet Cancer Awareness Month, many pet owners are taking the chance to educate themselves about the many health risks our animals face on a daily basis. Cancer is the leading causing of death for dogs over the age of ten, but these numbers can be reduced when you know what to look for.

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