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All About The Weimaraner

If you've ever seen the gorgeous photography of William Wegman, you've probably thought once or twice about getting your own Weimaraner to dress up in people clothes. While they were selected by the photographer due to their beautiful coats and human-like expressions, there is much more to the Weimaraner than meets the eye. 

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4 of the World’s Rarest Dog Breeds

Do you consider yourself a dog breed know-it-all? Many of us dog lovers are pretty darn good at recognizing dog breeds but there has come a time or two when we get stumped. Perhaps, it may have been one of the following rare dog breeds that you were lucky enough to see.

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All About the Yorkipoo

This pint-sized canine is energetic and friendly. A happy and intelligent dog, the Yorkipoo makes an excellent companion for most any person. He is brave, confident and bold. He is curious and inquisitive, wanting to be involved in ALL family activity. If you have been thinking about adding a puppy (or dog) to your family- sit, stay, and learn a little something about the Yorkipoo.

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