Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas In July with Your Pet

There is no better way to spend the hot month of July with your pup than celebrating Christmas in July. This unofficial holiday is a great way to spoil dogs just a little more than they already are and there are lots of great things that can be done to embrace the spirit of Christmas. 


Let’s take a look at some fun options!

What is Christmas in July?

The term "Christmas in July" can be dated back as far as 1892 when it originated in France. Since that time, many countries have adopted this unofficial holiday. There are places where putting up holiday decorations for the month of July is the norm, stores run month-long sales to gain additional sales and many people actually throw Christmas in July parties.

How to Celebrate with Your Dog

There are lots of great ways to get into the holiday spirit with your dog during July. Dressing dogs up in Christmas sweaters or Christmas themed headbands and hats and taking pictures is a great celebration idea. Remember though, it is hot, so if a dog is wearing warm clothes, take the necessary measures to keep them cool! Throwing a Christmas in July party with homemade treats in the shapes of Santa and Christmas trees will be both festive and surely loved by every dog. Pictures with someone dressed up as Santa in a tropical setting or a Christmas themed beach shoot with your favorite pup is another uber fun way to celebrate.


Dog Christmas Sweaters

Lights, Camera, Action:

There’s nothing wrong with stringing a few strands of Christmas lights or even putting up an artificial Christmas tree for the month of July to be ultra festive. Having these decorations in your house will give an excellent opportunity to not only snap some photos but take some movies of your pup in the holiday spirit. Adding these photos and videos to your social media accounts will not only show the mid-year holiday spirit you and your dog have but may also inspire others to do the same. There are even social media pages dedicated to just Christmas in July activities, so adding your take on it would be a great way to share the fun.

Great Gifts

There is no better way to spoil your favorite pup during the summer months than Christmas in July. Take this time to not only organize and clean through all the old dog toys in your house but also to treat that special dog in your life with some new toys. Cleaning out and getting rid of old toys will make room for new and exciting toys. Wrap them up in Christmas paper to really get into the Christmas spirit. Christmas in July is also a good time to splurge on some great new treats. Maybe there is a new treat you have been waiting to give your dog, or go to a local dog bakery and buy some dog-friendly cookies to really wow that special pup in your life.

Honestly, having a dog is a reason to celebrate pretty much anything. Let's face it, dogs just make any day better, so having a fun holiday like Christmas in July is just icing on top! Have fun, but always remember that your dog’s safety should always be top priority.