The Best Dogs For Small Space Living

The ongoing trend in housing is downsizing and moving to smaller spaces  — whether that is in a tiny home, living life on the road out of a van, or living more minimally in an apartment. While that may honor your lifestyle, your furry friends can suffer from a lack of space or room to roam. So, if you’re considering getting a puppy and all the doggy clothes to adorn it in, below is a guide for the best dogs for small space living.


The breeds

Dogs spend almost all of their lives in the space you live in, which is why it is crucial to not only give your dog adequate movement, but also enough space to live its life in comfort. The best breeds for small spaces include:

Small dogs

  • Boston Terrier - These spunky little dogs weigh between 10 to 25 pounds and have a happy demeanor, which makes them very trainable. While indoors, they’ll remain inactive, often laying around and sunbathing. Their energy is released in small spurts when they’re taken on their daily walks or when they’re outside in a yard.

  • English Bulldog - While an English bulldog may not necessarily be small weight wise — weighing in between 45 to 55 pounds — they’re short and compact. Inside, these little chunks like to lounge and cuddle. Because they tire and overheat easily, they actually prefer being indoors; you may even have an issue trying to get them out and about for a walk.

  • Pug - This breed loves to socialize, but doesn’t need a lot of stimulation to have a good time. Pugs tend to have breathing issues, so being indoors suits them just fine. If your pug isn’t greatly active monitor what they eat, because they are prone to overeating and it’s very hard for them to lose weight.

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - This is a highly intelligent breed who’s energy only requires short bursts of running outdoors or walks. These spaniels are quite content with long naps and basking on the couch.

Large Breeds

Most large breeds are highly active and need more exercise than their mini counterparts, but there are some larger breeds who are lazy and don’t need much activity.

  • Great Dane - This is a giant breed, but they are perfectly content in a small space. The myth is they were bred to sit next to royalty and look mean and intimidating, but really they’re gentle giants. A walk a day is good activity for them, and the rest of the day they’re mellow and happy to cuddle with you on the couch.

  • Irish Wolfhound - This is a very calm dog that will take up a lot of space but if you can maneuver over them, they’re content in a small space. A walk a day is fine, but it won’t become crazed or act out if they miss one due to weather or a late workday.

  • Standard poodle - This regal creature will make any small space a little more posh! Be sure to walk this breed every day and ensure that it has space by a dog park to romp. If they get enough exercise, they’re fine with lounging the rest of the day.

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