5 Ways to Spend Mother's Day with Your Pet

Pet moms can be just as loving and maternal with their pets as they are with their children. Even "dog moms" that have no children can't resist the maternal instincts of love and nurture that arise from wanting to take care of their furry babies. This Mother's Day celebrate the special relationship you share with your dog by spending some quality time together and making it a day to remember for the both of you.

Go on a hike and connect with nature together.

Enjoy the outdoors with your furry baby by taking a hike and connecting with nature. You and your baby will get fresh air, exercise, and will be recharged for the week ahead. Bring water for the both of you and make the day extra special by bringing your dog's favorite treats. Many state parks allow you to bring your dog to hike on pre-established trails, as long as you follow their posted rules and keep your baby safe by having it on a leash at all times.

Cuddle up with a sleepover and make it a movie night marathon.

Make it a special mother's day to remember by hosting a movie marathon sleepover; invite a couple of your favorite friends that are dog moms too. Have delicious snacks ready or make it potluck style and ask each person to bring two items to share: one for the moms andĀ treats for the furry babies. Select your movies, dress your pet in comfy pajamas, and enjoy your dog movie marathon. Some good movie options to consider might be Lady and the Tramp, Old Yeller, Marley & Me, Turner and Hooch to mention a few.

Have your portraits taken.

The family portrait has been a long-held tradition even before the invent of camera phones and the selfies. Make this a day to remember by getting your portrait taken together. You can dress up for the camera and get your fur baby picture ready in their fanciest attire. Look for ads in your local department stores for affordable professional portraits. If you are looking for something fancier then yelp would be a good place to search for local photographers with good ratings. You can even get a great portrait with your own camera by using a tripod. No matter the method make it a special day by capturing the moment.

Make DIY dog treats.

Nothing says I love you more than a home-cooked meal. Well, your dog baby is no different. Making dog treats is not only a fun way to spend your day, it's a great way to provide your baby with healthy snacks. You know exactly what is going into the treat and you can select recipes that call for only good ingredients.

Get your game on.

Mother's day falls every second Sunday of the year so most likely there will be some interesting national or local sporting event going on that day. Make it a fun day for you and your pooch by getting geared up to cheer on your favorite team. Heck, you and your furry baby might be able to wear your favorite team's jersey. For you soccer fan's gearing up for the World Cup, you'll love our selection of dog jersey'sĀ featuring all your favorite teams!

Soccer Jerseys for Dogs

More than ever, fur babies are considered to be part of the family. Whatever you and your fur baby end up doing this mother's day make sure to enjoy your day and appreciate the unconditional love your pooch gives you this Mother's day and every day.

Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Pupaholic!