Is the Raw Diet Good for Dogs?

As many consumers are becoming more health conscious, pet owners are also including their furbabies in the movement. For many, this means feeding their dogs a raw diet. A raw diet is the controversial trend of feeding dogs primarily raw meat, bones, fruits, and vegetables. In many ways, feeding dogs a raw diet is much healthier than feeding them processed foods but does have its own set of concerns. A raw diet for dogs increases their performance, cushions them from diseases, increases their life expectancy and saves you time and money.

Health and performance

Feeding your dog a raw diet will help keep your pet’s their teeth clean. Keep in mind, however, while bones do play a part in loosening plaque it is still vital that you brush your dog’s teeth for the best dental care. On the other hand, dogs that feed on processed food have been found to suffer from the periodontal disease in less than four years.

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Additionally, a raw meat diet has been found to enhance a dog’s performance levels. This is why high-performance dogs such as Sled dogs, German Shepherds, and Greyhounds are fed this type of diet. Raws diets also assist in curbing the obesity problem many dogs fall victim to,  reduces the likelihood of developing arthritis, and provides numerous health benefits during pregnancy.

Increased Life Expectancy

Due to reduced cases of illness and trips to veterinarians, dogs fed on raw diets tend to live longer than those fed on commercial feeds. Puppies from raw meat fed dogs have strong genetic compositions thus are more likely to survive the critical newborn stage and are less prone to diseases through adulthood.

Saving time and Money

Feeding dogs on a raw diet can actually be cheaper than buying processed food. Meat is readily available at abattoirs and meatpacking firms. Raw meat requires little preparation thus saving time.

Disadvantages of a Raw Meat Diet

Feeding your dog on a raw diet has some drawbacks as well. E-coli and salmonella bacteria may be present in raw meat which is manifested in their fecal matter may pose a health hazard to people with compromised immunity at home. Dogs can also swallow bones accidentally leading to blockages in their intestines or even breaking their teeth.

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