Caring for Your Dog this Winter: Part Two


In our last blog we covered some tips on when you might need doggy clothes, such as sweaters and coats, as well as a few others. In this blog, we’ll continue the conversation and offer more tips for your pooch in the winter weather.



Help your dog avoid heaters

Just like humans, dogs love to be close to a heat source, but unlike humans, dogs tend to get very close to heaters and end up burning themselves. To prevent your pup from getting burned, avoid space heaters completely and install radiator baseboard covers. In addition, fireplaces also pose a potential risk for doggy burns, so pet-proof your fireplace as well!

Help your dog maintain a healthy coat

Cold weather often brings dry and chapped skin. Help prevent your dog from getting a flaky, itchy, and dry coat by supplementing with coconut and fish oils. Just add a tablespoon to your pet’s food, as they love the taste of both. If you dog’s ears, paws, or tail are looking a bit rough, apply a high quality oil topically as well.

Help your dog maintain healthy paws

Wintertime bears some additional care for your dog’s paws. If your dog has longer hair, be sure to trim the hair in between its paws to prevent ice from building up. Salt is generally used to break up icy streets and sidewalks, but can burn your dog’s paws, so after being outdoors, help your dog out by wiping or rinsing its paws! If your dog shows any signs of discomfort from the cold ground or salty walk ways, consider trying booties for its feet.    

Hydrate your dog

In addition to oils to help keep your pooch’s coat glowing, water will also help. Dog’s are susceptible to dehydration in winter, just as in summer. Be sure your dog always has access to water, whether it's indoors or outdoors. If you dog has a water bowl outside, pay close attention that it doesn’t freeze.

Protect your dog from snow piles

Dogs LOVE snow, and often can’t help themselves from bouncing all over the yard. Help protect your dog from escaping, by removing snow properly, and away from fences. Also pay attention to the snow from your roof, as the sun begins to melt and drip from your rooftop to the ground it can later freeze, causing extremely slippery and dangerous ground for your dog.

Keep chemicals away from your dog

Keeping chemicals away from your dog is a must in all seasons, but in wintertime, antifreeze might be more prevalent. Just remember that antifreeze tastes sweet and will attract dogs, so be mindful of it when you’re in the garage or on the driveway.

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