The Top 3 Best Dog Clothing Essentials for Winter

Dog clothing, more than ever, is being embraced by dog lovers everywhere. That is because they are not only insanely cute but they are also functional. As temperatures drop, it’s pretty normal to switch up our closets from summer fashion to appropriate clothing that helps combat the cooler temperatures. You may not have thought about it, however, the same consideration should be done for our furry friends also. Whether it be cold, rain, wind, or snow, there are certain staples your dog should have in their closets to protect them from the elements. Additionally, don't you want you furbaby warm and comfortable? Of course!

While not all dogs require the help of outerwear, for example, large double coated breeds- most of our pets will thank you for the added warmth. For those of us that have our dog’s hair cut, dogs with thinner or shorter coat types, and dogs that simply can’t handle drastic changes in temperatures warm dog clothing is vital. This would include dogs like seniors, puppies, and dogs suffering from health issues. These are all prime examples of dogs that need protection from the elements.

Let’s take a look at the top cold weather dog clothing staples your pooch should have in their fall & winter closet!


Sweaters are an excellent option for keeping your furbaby warm in the fall and even during those out of the blue “sunny” winter days. Sweaters and hoodies are both fun, stylish, and functional ways to combat the chill on those early morning walks, and afternoon playdates. Be sure to invest in quality materials that won't easily snag and also make it a point to get the right size. Check out our adorable selection of sweaters and hoodies that will have your pup feeling pawsitively pawfect.


Ok, so dog jackets and dog coats are a no-brainer, but, you don’t want just any old thing! When purchasing a jacket for your best friend try and think about what characteristics will match best with the type of weather in your area. Do you require a waterproof exterior? Do you need a reflector for late-night potty breaks? What about a leash opening? Make a mental list of exactly what characteristics you want the dog jacket to have before heading to the checkout.

*Tip: Check the size, ensuring it will cover the back and the stomach. Look for a durable and washable material, and of course, the easier it is to take on and off, the better!


For those times when a dog jacket is a bit much, a raincoat is a lightweight and waterproof solution. Save yourself time from having to wipe down a sopping wet pooch and having to mop up the resulting water puddle by investing in a full coverage dog raincoat. You’ll also be saving your nose at the same time for that awful wet dog smell. If your dog is as spoiled as many of our pups, and won’t even step outside at the sight of rain, look no further than our fabulous selection of warm and trendy dog raincoats.

*Tip: Take your puppy’s new found warmth even further and make them feel “snug as a bug in a rug,” with our selection of dog pajamas!

From dog jackets to dog pajamas, when it comes to cold weather dog clothing essentials, Pupaholic has you and your dog covered.

Remember that a dog's normal body temperature is between 100.5 and 102 F. Prevention is key to avoiding cold weather dangers such as hypothermia, frostbite, and kennel cough. Let Pupaholic help you keep your dog happy, safe, and warm all season long.