Keeping Your Pup’s Teeth Clean

Just like you need to go to the dentist on a regular basis, your pup needs proper dental care too in order to lead a healthy and happy life. Whether you have a mixed-breed pup or a purebred, their teeth should be of the utmost importance. But, if you’ve ever owned a dog before, you know how difficult it can be to take care of puppy teeth and how easy it can be to let that care slide to the wayside. But, here at Pupaholic, we care about the whole dog, and that’s why along with cute dog merchandise, we also carry a variety of food products and natural dog chews that are optimal for your pup.

There are a couple of things you can specifically do in order to care for your pup’s oral health. In addition, to things you can do at home, there are also important steps outside of the home that you can take to be preventative about your pup’s teeth. First, make sure you’re doing all of the following at home:

Brush Your Pup’s Teeth

Just like your own teeth, your pup can benefit from a good teeth brushing regularly. Once a day is ideal, so when you brush your teeth in the evening, grab your pup’s toothbrush and take care of them then. However, not all dogs are very cooperative or willing to have their teeth brushed that often, so it’s a good thing that even a couple of time a week with an enzymatic toothpaste will help quite a bit.

Provide Them with Natural Dog Chews

Dogs have a natural instinct to chew, and for good reason. Chewing can help to remove any buildup early on and is a natural way for dogs to clean their own teeth. There are many products on the market when it comes to natural dog chews and supervised rawhides. Greenies are excellent options on the market recommended by vets to help your pup’s oral health as well.

Remove These Risk Factors

When it comes to your dog’s teeth and chewing, you probably think bones are a great choice. Think again. The top three things that vets don’t want your dogs chewing on in order to protect their teeth are nylabones, rocks, and ice. In addition, whenever you pick out toys and treats for your dog to chew on, make sure that they are softer than the surface of the tooth or you could be in for a very expensive tooth fracture repair.

In addition to these three important things you should be doing at home, seeing the vet on a regular basis can also be exceptionally important. Not only does your pup need their vaccines, but your vet can also provide you with proper guidance as to how to best care for your pup’s teeth. This can include regular dental cleanings at the vet. Your vet will sedate your dog and thoroughly clean their teeth while they sleep. This removes all tartar, plaque, and mineral buildup that can lead to further health problems. Your vet can also remove any teeth broken or damaged beyond repair in order to relieve any pain.

Caring for your dog’s teeth is exceptionally important for their health and happiness. Let Pupaholic be your partner in your pup’s life! Shop today!