Show Your Pup You Love Them

If you have a dog, you know how much they mean to you. In fact, anyone who owns a dog probably knows how important pets can be in someone’s life. You love them dearly, and they love you in return unconditionally. If you’re like us, even if you accidently step on your pup’s paw or tail, you’re determined to comfort them and be sure that they’re okay, even if it didn’t phase them in the slightest. Even when it seems like there isn’t much out of the day to day that can really show your pup that you love them, there is actually a lot you can do that they will recognize as affection and care that you would just do every day. If you’re looking for ways to show your pup that you love them and want to go the extra mile for your pup, try some of the following pup-tacular ideas.

Dedicated Fetch Time

Dogs big and small love to play. Even many dogs refuse to slow down as they get older. If your dog loves to play fetch, whether with the perfectly sized tennis ball or with a frisbee, taking the time to have dedicated play will mean a lot to them. Not only will your pup get the exercise that they need; they will also know how important they are to you because you’re spending time with them. More often than not, our pups simply crave our attention, and you can show you love them by providing them your undivided attention when you play.

Make the Trip to the Dog Park

Perhaps you’re a puppy parent that loves to take your furry friend to the dog park every day to burn off that excess energy. Perhaps a visit to the dog park is a rare treat for your pup. When you want to show your pup how much you love them, take them for a ride to go play with all their puppy friends. If youre dog loves playing with other dogs, they’re sure to have a great time and enjoy the additional exercise as well. Another option is to consider puppy day care a couple times a week while you’re at work, so your pup can play all day instead of sulking at home waiting for you.

Choose Extra Special Treats

Treats are a great way to reward your pup when they listen and do as you ask. In addition to being a reward, a tasty treat can be a great way to let your pup know how much you care. Premium dog treats, like Sojo’s Natural Dog Treats, are a great choice for a crunchy snack. Make sure to pick a flavor that your pup doesn’t get very often for them to know that this treat is a bit different. You can also never go wrong with peanut butter frozen in rubber toys for a great time too!

Keep the Toy Box Stocked

Whenever you watch your pup de-fluff their most recent stuffed toy, you probably thought some along the lines of, “Why do I even bother when they just destroy the toy?” In reality, when a dog de-fluffs a toy, it’s because they’re having such a great time with it. However, you don’t want your dog to have torn up toys that could put them at risk. Instead, you’ll want to keep their toy box stocked with a wide variety of toy types. This can include toys to play fetch, stuffed toys, rubber toys, and chew toys in order to keep your furry companion’s mind active and happy.

Cuddles Galore

Dogs are truly meant to be a person’s best friend, because when studied, it was found that dogs release the same bonding hormone, oxytocin, that humans do. A good petting session with lots of love and cuddles for your pet can increase both your happiness and theirs, as well as increase the bond between the two of you. Not only will your pup appreciate the cuddles, but you’ll feel great and more connected to your pup as well.

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