Planning Guide to the Ultimate Dog Birthday Party

He's your best friend, your confidant, your ride or die, your greeter- the list goes on. We're talking about your dog of course! While there is undoubtedly no way to ever repay your pooch for the unconditional love they consistently shower you with, outside of basic care, throwing your dog a birthday party may be a step in the right direction. But where to begin?! Read on for a guide to planning the ultimate birthday party for your dog!

Choose a date and location:

Figure out when and where to honor your special pooch. Wednesday evening at 7 at the dog park? Saturday at 1:00 in your backyard? Sunday afternoon on the beach? Remember to check on any rules/exclusions and, of course, the availability of your venue!

Who do you invite?

Does your dog have a friendly "pack" of pooches? Maybe neighbors, dog walking friends, dog park buddies, kennel pals? Are there humans who know and love your amazing dog and should be included? Your family, friends, neighbors? How about your dog walker, sitter, vet, breeder, and groomer? Consider space, and especially how all attendees will get along! (Think containment and safety!)

Do you have a "theme"?

Is there some special way to celebrate this occasion? Maybe around a favorite food, as in "Let's "Treat" Our Dogs! (have each guest bring a healthy and appropriate dog treat)? Or how about a photo or video event, Pooches for Posterity, (everyone brings favorite photos to share, or photos and videos are created at the event). Maybe you splurge on a "professional" to take the pet and human portraits! How about renting a photo booth? (This idea could really take off!). Pooch and Person Dress Up could also be very interesting. Regardless, your dog must be dressed for the occasion, check out our selection of stylish pet apparel to make the birthday dog stand out in the pack.

Party Dog Apparel Online

What will you serve your guests?

Party guests expect to be fed and let's be honest, food can make or break the event! As a dog lover, you are aware that canine attendees may have very specific dietary requirements/ restrictions. You'll have to know all about that! Human guests might be easier to plan for. Does this event encompass serving a meal, or snacks? Does the food need to go with a theme? or maybe correlate with the season or setting? Think about preparation time and serving effort. Do you want to relax and enjoy, or are you OK with hosting being a central role for you? Will you have prepping and hosting assistance? Oh, and don't forget that "party favors" to take home, edible or otherwise, are a big hit!

Finally, what will your guests be doing?

How will your attendees fill their time? Will eating and socializing carry the event, or do you need to plan activities/entertainment? If you've chosen a theme, the structure of your party may already be decided. If not, will there be games, (doggy Olympics, obstacle course, a "stupid pet tricks" contest)?
Does the birthday pet have a favorite activity? How about music? Don't forget about gifting, do you specify "no gifts", make gift suggestions, or leave it alone? Having information available on a favorite animal charity, with donations envelopes in the name of the honoree could be a very special touch.

Ok, so that is a lot to think about! Hopefully, this planning guide has spurred your creativity and will help you to manage the details of an outstanding birthday celebration for your special dog and all those who attend!