Preparing Your Dog for Shedding Season This Spring

Spring is upon us which inevitably means dog shedding season! Shedding is the process of releasing the old coat to make room for the newer coat coming in. Despite the fact that there are many products on the market claiming to stop shedding, shedding in dogs is a natural and necessary process.

It is imperative to understand that different dog breeds shed hair in different amounts. Moreover, shedding is also affected by seasons with most dogs shedding in the spring and fall. Dogs typically grow thick hair during the winter season and then molt during the spring season. This natural occurrence repeats itself in the fall to prepare for the upcoming winter.

For primarily indoor dogs, shedding can occur throughout the entire year due to indoor heating and lighting mimicking warm weather.

Health is also paramount as far as dog shedding is concerned, as dogs may lose a lot of hair due to medical problems, skin conditions, stress, hormonal changes, age, or poor nutrition.

Some dogs shed more hair than others

While some dogs like Shih Tzus have “hair” and have minimal shedding other dogs like the Malamute possess a thick undercoat or “double-coat.” A double coat consists of two layers of fur; a dense, soft undercoat and a tougher, stiff topcoat. The undercoat serves as insulation, a temperature control sorta speak. The topcoat, on the other hand, helps protect the skin from moisture and dirt. Additionally, it also them from harmful sun rays so shaving a double-coated dog is highly discouraged.

Choosing the best brush for your dog

It goes without saying that as your dog is shedding, brushing is vital in not only keeping your pooch comfortable but also to keep all that fluff from taking over your home! With so many tools on the market though, finding the right one for your furbabies coat type can be challenging. Here are basic recommendations to get you started!

Kong Zoom Groom - great for short hair. If you are looking for a brush that can groom and shampoo your dog, this rubber brush is the best. It helps to stimulate capillaries in your pet’s skin and removes dead hair leaving a healthy skin and coat.

FURminator - a de-shedding tool for short to medium coats. Its edge penetrates safely through topcoat to easily and safely remove dead hair and undercoat. When used as directed, it safely removes loose hair without injuring the skin but be careful not to overuse as it can cut the topcoat.

Paws Pamper Undercoat Rake - undercoat rakes are best for medium to long double-coated breeds. This durable tool reaches deep into the fur to effectively and safely remove loose, dead undercoat without cutting the topcoat.

While keeping a healthy dog from natural shedding is impossible, you can greatly minimize the shedding by brushing your dog routinely with the correct tool for their coat. Be sure to call your vet in cases of abnormal, spotty, or patchy hair loss.

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