The Top DIY Howl-O-Ween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween is coming up quickly! There’s no greater fun than involving your pooch in the holidays! Here at Pupaholic, we love costumes for dogs, as they can be worn any day of the year, but especially on Howl-O-Ween!

Remember to always consider your dog’s safety first! If they are unhappy in a costume and don’t want to wear it, do not make them! Look for any places that may be uncomfortable to them such as tight elastic on their neck and throat, or a costume that is a bit too snug and squeezes their belly. Make sure they can walk and run easily, and that the costume doesn’t drag behind them to avoid tripping and falling.



Frightful Fido

There is nothing more terrifying than seeing a small dog dressed in a spooky costume! Haunt your neighborhood with these unforgettable costumes!

Ghost Dog

A ghost costume is an easy DIY project at home! For larger dogs place a white sheet over your dog, and outline where there face and ears will go, and mark where you will need to trim the sides so there are no movement restrictions for your favorite furry friend!

Vampire Dog

A vampire is also a relatively easy costume to make! Purchase black material and make a cape! Top it off with a medallion and top hat!

Hilarious Hound

If you’d rather have your dog in a costume that gets laughs, the following will be crowd pleasers!

Chia Pet

Find a brown or terra cotta colored shirt or onesie (depending on the size of your dog) and go to your local craft store and procure fake ivy or greens. Hand sew or hot glue the greens to the shirt, and voila, you have a life-sized chia pet!

The Football

If you’re running out of time and need a very last minute costume, a football works exceptionally well on short-haired, brown colored pups! All you need is white masking tape! Tape the front and hind quarters of the dog, and a long vertical stripe down their back; just like a football.

Martini Mutt

If your dog is in recovery or you have an old, clear cone, the martini is the perfect costume! To complete the costume, fasten a wood dowel through the side of the cone and make pimento olives from styrofoam balls. Give an extra touch by adding curled, red ribbon to the end of the dowel.

Cute Tailwaggers


Is your dog a fan of the infamous Starbucks puppuccino? Turn any pooch into a puppuccino by drawing the Starbucks emblem on cardboard and fastening it to your dog (it should look like the coffee sleeve)! Add a cute hat in the form of a lid!

Skunk dog

If you own a black dog, the easiest DIY costume is a skunk. All that is needed is white hair paint and some faux fur! Spray a white stripe down the back, fasten the faux fur around the tail, and continue the stripe to the tip of the tail!

Have a fun Howl-O-Ween

Stay safe and have fun with your dog, whether you're patrolling the streets or handing out sweets!

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