11 Dog-Friendly Father's Day Activities for Dog Dads

For dog dads, June is one of the best month of the year: Not only is it Great Outdoors Month as well as Camping Month, it's also the month of Father's Day! For those who are looking to create furtastic memories for the dog dad in your life, we've got the perfect list.

Try out some of these dog-friendly activities and be sure to get the whole family involved this June.

Take your dog on a boat ride.

Dads aren't the only ones who love boating! Whether you plan on getting in a workout with a kayak or simply taking the family out on a fishing trip, try taking your pup along for the ride. Just remember to bring a doggy life jacket to keep your pooch happy and safe.

Take your dog on a wilderness hike.

A lovely Father's Day gift idea is a hike on a local trail. Sometimes, you'll be surprised what beauty can be found in your own backyard. Not to mention, your dog will love seeing the sights and exploring new places with his family!

Take a bike ride together.

Exercise has been proven to elevate stress, lift your mood, and even lengthy your life, so why not take advantage of these benefits with your dog? Get in some extra exercise with Father's Day and try taking your dog out on a bike ride.

Play frisbee.

When life gets busy, sometimes we forget that our dogs need the occasional game of fetch. Try giving dog dads and their pups some extra TLC this month by arranging some games of frisbee! It's a simple way to involve friends, family, and your dog in an outdoor activity.

Eat outside at a dog-friendly restaurant.

Everyone knows one of the best things about June is the beginning of patio season! Contact some local eateries and find the best dog-friendly patios in your area. Sometimes there's no better gift than a good meal with great friends.

Go geocaching together.

For dog dads who need a little something extra, geocaching can be a fun way to explore with your dog. Take up one of these treasure finding challenges and soak up some quality time!

Plan a trip to the beach.

It's summer, and we all need a day at the beach -- even your dog! Treat dog dads and their dog-loving families to a trip to your local swimming hole. As we mentioned again, for those water-loving dogs, don't be afraid to bring along a doggy life jacket to keep them safe.


Dog Watersuit

Read to your dog.

Not every Father's Day activity needs to be physically demanding. Dog owners may be surprised to know how much reading aloud to your dog can be a bonding activity. Pick up a new book for the dog owners in your life and encourage them to spend the afternoon relaxing and bonding.

Visit a pet-friendly hotel.

Sometimes we all need a break from our busy lives, so why not take it with man's best friend? Try looking up some local pet-friendly hotels -- or better yet, encourage the dog dads in your life to take a trip to a whole new city with their pooch! Exploration is good for the spirit in all of us.

Try some Doga.

Life can get stressful. What better way to de-stress than to try out some dog yoga this Father's Day? Inspired by the gentle movements of Hatha yoga, Doga can be a great way to relax and bond with friends, family, and your dogs.

See a drive-in movie.

Finally, what is summer without a drive-in movie? Call ahead and make sure your local drive-in theaters are pet-friendly. After that, enjoy a movie and a night under the stars with your best friend!

Whatever it is that you plan to do this Father's Day, remember that this is a fantastic opportunity to bond with those around you. Whether you're staying inside or embracing the good weather, there are plenty of great activities to enjoy with your dog and the male figures in your life. Most importantly, have fun and try to take it easy!

Try any of our suggestions? Let us know how you plan on spending this Father's Day!