Summer Safety Tips for Dog Owners

The effects of hot outdoor temperatures on a dog can be quick and deadly. When the forecast is calling for summer heat, being prepared to keep your dog cool needs to be a top priority for every dog owner.

After being in a car for as little as fifteen minutes on a hot day, a dog can suffer brain damage or even die of heatstroke. Many pet owners feel they can quickly run into a store or run an errand and leave their pet in the car, but fifteen minutes can sneak up real quick!

Temperatures inside a parked car on a hot day can rise almost 20 degrees in a short 10 minutes or less. Dogs don't sweat the same way people do and with a normal body temperature of 100-102 degrees, it does not take long for a dog to suffer heat stroke. Also, keep in mind that a dog is covered in fur, another fact that makes their body temperature rise much quicker.

Acting quickly if you see a dog left in a car on a hot day could save their life. Here are some quick tips if you are out and about and encounter this scary situation:


  • Get the license plate number and vehicle description. Have that information paged at the store the car is parked at
  • Call local authorities or 911 if the owner cannot be located
  • Stay at the scene to wait for authorities to arrive

As much as most people want to jump into action after taking the steps listed above, many states do not legally allow a person to do more than listed above. Each state will have their own laws regarding a dog left in a hot car. There are currently only 11 states that allow a person to legally break a car window in these circumstances.

Other states allow law enforcement or animal control to break a window while some states do not allow anyone other than the owner. Each state will also have their own laws and penalties against someone who does break a window to save a dog. It is important to know the laws of your individual state.

The ASPCA has a hot car flyer, which gives out information about the effects of heat on a dog left inside a car. Obtaining these flyers and handing them out to friends, family, colleagues and even businesses to hang on the information boards will help educate others before they potentially decide to leave a dog in the car.


Hot Car Flyer for Pet Owners


Beat the Heat This Summer with Pupaholic

When hot days approach, it is important for all dog owners to know what needs to be done to keep dogs cool this summer. There are many options to keep dogs cool and happy.  Pupaholic can help keep your dog cool for summer with must-have dog supplies.

Water intake

Keeping a dog hydrates is an important step to keep them safe on hot summer days. Always leave a full water bowl out for your dog if you plan to leave them home alone for any amount of time on a hot day.

  • Typically dogs need 1/2 to 1 ounces of water per pound of body weight
  • Moist, slick gums on a dog indicate that a dog is properly hydrated
  • Puppies need to drink water in small amounts, many times a day
  • Warm weather and times of hard exercise require more water. Always carry a water bottle with your furbaby in these circumstances.

Pupaholic has a large selection of dog bowls of various sizes, colors, and types.

Dog Shoes

Dog shoes aren't just a fashion statement, they can protect your dog's paws when the temperature outside skyrocket. Hot asphalt can and will burn your dog's paw pads if preventative measures aren't taken. If the pavement outside is hot to the touch it is definitely too hot for your pooch. 

  • Shoes protect the paws from blistering and abrasion
  • Shoes must fit the dog properly to prevent injury from the shoe
  • Look for rubber or neoprene soles for the most protection
  • Have a dog try new shoes inside to gain comfort and become used to them before taking them outside in the heat and unknown areas for walks.

Water Suits

Protecting a dog from water injury is something to think about in the summer months. Many dogs love the water and swimming, but without proper equipment, a quick dip in the pool could hurt your furry friend. When shopping for doggie watersuits or life jackets, so here are some things to think about when purchasing one of these suits.

  • Watersuits need to be made for a dog's height and weight. Improper sizes will not protect a dog
  • Suits should be lightweight and comfortable for a dog or they won't wear them
  • Try all suits on a dog to ensure proper fit
  • Dogs need to be acclimated to suits before having them enter the water with them on


Walking a dog is essential to their health and happiness. Although there are shoes and protective paw creams to help with hot pavement, there are some other keys to know when it comes to walking a dog on a hot day.

  • Walk dogs during cooler parts of the day such as early morning or late evening
  • Have dogs walk on grass wherever possible to keep paws cooler than walking on pavement
  • Always bring water on walks on hot days to keep dogs hydrated
  • Always walk your dog on a leash with proper identification. An escaped dog during hot temperatures is a serious matter.


All dogs love treats and the summer offers some fun, delicious, and cool treats you can easily make at home. Here are some summer treats designed to keep your pup cool for the summer. 

  • Freeze Greek yogurt in ice cube trays for a refreshing doggie treat
  • Dip strawberries in Greek yogurt and freeze for a cool and yummy treat 
  • Fill ice cube trays with water or Greek yogurt and place a dog treat on top then freeze. 


Summer Dog Clothes


Dogs are wonderful companions that love to engage in summer activities. Keeping your dog comfortable and cool during the summer months will keep them happy and loving the summer as much as everyone else!