Puppy Grooming Tips and Tricks

When it comes to keeping your furry best friend happy and healthy, there are a lot of tasks on the to-do list. Not only does your pup need to be fed twice a day, to always have clean water, and regular exercise, your pup also need to be provided the proper grooming care. Every dog is a bit different when it comes to their grooming needs, which means that providing the proper grooming care is unique to each dog. When it comes to caring for your dog, make sure that they get the proper grooming care they need by knowing the following tips and tricks.

Know if Your Dog Has Hair or Fur

The most important feature to know about your dog before you decide on what grooming approach to take with them is to know if they are a breed that has hair or fur. Dogs with hair can included breeds like cocker spaniels, shih tzus, and poodles. Dogs with true fur are your more traditional dog coats, such as breeds like Australian cattle dogs, huskies, boxers, and Jack Russell terriers. Hair has to be trimmed every four to eight weeks in order to avoid matting and overgrowth that can be detrimental to a pup’s well-being. Dogs with fur don’t need much care when it comes to grooming. In fact, a good brushing will typically do the trick, however a bath every eight to 12 weeks never hurts. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t to shave down a dog that has fur because it may grow back patchier.

Care for Hair!

Dogs with hair require much more grooming care than dogs with fur. That’s okay, because we all know they’re worth it. If you’re adventurous and aren’t looking for a designer haircut, you can probably bathe and clip your pup’s hair when they need it. However, the best bet is going to be scheduling regular visits with your local groomer. Regular brushings can help you avoid having to go to the groomers every four weeks and can be extended by keeping your pup’s hair knot-free.

Furbaby Baths

When it comes to your pup’s bath, you want to be careful not to over bathe them, because it can be harsh on their skin. And you also want to make sure not to traumatize your dog to the point where they never step foot in the bathroom ever again. The best way to bathe your furbaby is to fill a tub with a couple inches of lukewarm water. Encourage them to hop into the tub with plenty of treats, and use a cup to wet down their fur. Avoid using the showerhead if your pup doesn’t like loud sounds, and always remember to use a shampoo made specially for dogs.

Spin Dry with a Good Brushing

Once your pup is done with their bath, they’re going to need to dry before you brush them. While you can use a hair dryer on your pup, your best option is to let them air dry. They might actually help you out and run around for a good spin dry after their bath simply from excitement. Once their fur or hair is completely dry, you can brush them out. Make sure that you use a brush that is good for your dog’s fur type. Furminator is great for dogs who shed a lot and have thick fur, while a hair pick and comb may be the better option for a dog with hair.

Finish the Look

Once your pup is sparkling clean again, you can be sure that they know how great they look. Finish off your pup’s bath with the right accessories from bows for dogs to cute dog clothes. That way they can strut their stuff with the perfect look to complement how they feel. Enjoy watching your pooch prance with pride, and then joyfully find the perfect mud puddle to jump in once you let them outside! is the best online store for doggy clothes and accessories that are going to make others go, “Aww,” every time they see your pup. Make sure your pup is clean, happy, and healthy with all the right products; shop online with Pupaholic now!